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Walking the GPS Line : Insights on the use of shape walking as a game mechanic

Josephine Reid and Chris Bevan (2006)

Publication: Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Digital Interactive Media Entertainment and Arts (DIME-ARTS 2006). Associated Project: "Mobile Bristol".


In this paper we describe an experiment to investigate and ascertain the feasibility of utilizing GPS tracking as a control mechanism in a mobile game. The interaction mechanism tested was that of walking shapes and we examine the user response to this novel form of game mechanic. We discuss the difficulty in developing a good cognitive model of how GPS works and problems with orientation and feedback. We reflect on the skills needed to map virtual shapes into physical spaces and to cope with the facets of GPS. We highlight the importance of the use of physical landmarks and we discuss whether future designs might be able to teach these skills and to incorporate the indeterminate nature of GPS into the game play itself.


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