Research Projects

The Virtual Reality Oracle (VRO): An Immersive Experience of the Ancient Greek Oracle at Dodona

Jun 20–May 23. Ancient History • Virtual Reality

A virtual reality recreation of divination at the ancient oracle of Zeus at Dodona.

Immersive Experiences for Design Fiction – Theatre and Virtual Reality (eVRafter)

Jul 21–Jul 22. Design Fiction • Ethics • Virtual Reality

Exploring the ethics of virtual reality through design fiction..

Virtual Realities: Immersive Documentary Encounters (VRDocs)

Jul 17–Jun 20. Documentary • Virtual Reality

Exploring the production, audience and experience of nonfiction virtual reality media.

Being There: Humans and Robots in Public Spaces

Oct 13–Jan 17. Social Robotics • Teleoperation

Exploring human-robot interaction and telepresence via socially-aware humanoid robots.

SID: An Exploration of Super-Identity

Nov 11–Mar 15. Digital Biometrics • Identity • Security

Identifying and evaluating novel behavioural biometrics to support identity attribution across the physical / digital divide.

Plug Back Into Science

Mar 10–Feb 11. Datalogging • Education • Visualisation

A series of interactive workshops to upksill teachers in the use of mobile datalogging technologies in UK science education.

Cityware: Urban Design and Pervasive Systems

Oct 06–Aug 09. Pervasive Computing • Privacy • Security • Trust

Designing & evaluating novel authentication mechanisms for wireless pervasive computing services that are private, secure and trustworthy.

Mobile Bristol

Jan 02–Jan 05. Gaming • Location-Based Computing • Mobile

Designing & evaluating location-based / contextually-aware digital services for use within public spaces.



Using Narrative 360° Video as a Tool to Promote Breast Self-examination
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Developing Arts Based Methods for Exploring Virtual Reality Technologies: A University - Industry Case Study
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Evaluating Prototype Augmented and Adaptive guidance system to support Industrial Plant Maintenance
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Honorable Mention Award
Space Vision: Developing a Game for Vision Screening and Home-Based Monitoring
Stuart Gray, Chris Bevan, Kirsten Cater and Stephanie Campbell. 2021. CHI PLAY '21. ACM.


Did you see what I saw?: Comparing attentional synchrony during 360 degree video viewing in head mounted display and tablets
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The Sugargotchi: An Embodied Digital Pet to Raise Children's Awareness of their Dental Health and Free Sugar Consumption
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Honorable Mention Award
Behind The Curtain Of The "Ultimate Empathy Machine": On The Composition Of Virtual Reality Nonfiction Experiences
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Did You See What I Saw?: Comparing User Synchrony When Watching 360 Video In HMD Vs Flat Screen
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Using Design Fiction to Explore the Ethics of VR 'In the Wild'
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What can the first years of VR nonfiction tell us about its future? Looking back on Virtual Reality nonfiction: 2012-2018
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A Mediography Of Virtual Reality Non-Fiction: Insights And Future Directions
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Designing Games For Vision Screening: Lessons Learned From Observing Preschool Video Game Play
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Different strokes for different folks? Revealing the physical characteristics of smartphone users from their swipe gestures
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Predicting sex as a soft-biometrics from device interaction swipe gestures
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Best Paper Award
Shaking Hands and Cooperation in Tele-present Human-Robot Negotiation
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Workshop on Designing and Evaluating Social Robots for Public Settings
Chris Bevan, Paul Bremner, Danaë Stanton Fraser and Hatice Gunes. 2015. International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2015. IEEE/RSJ.


Who am I? Representing the self offline and in different online contexts
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What does your profile really say about you?: privacy warning systems and self-disclosure in online social network spaces
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Factors In The Emergence And Sustainability Of Self-Regulation
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Plug Back Into Science
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Walking the GPS Line : Insights on the use of shape walking as a game mechanic
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